GMH 3181-12 Digital Vacuum-/ Barometer For Absolute Pressure

GMH 3181-12 Digital Vacuum-/ Barometer For Absolute Pressure
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Digital vacuum-/ barometer for absolute pressure

  • Integrated piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor
  • 2 metal connection pin

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Brand:  Greisinger

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Digital vacuum-/ barometer for absolute pressure
  • Integrated absolute pressure sensor
  • Suitable for air or non-corrosive or non-ionising gases
Measuring Range: 0 ... +1300 mbar abs.
Overload: max. 4 bar abs.
Accuracy (typ. values): ± 0,2% Full Scale (Hysteresis and Linearity)
± 0,4% Full Scale (Temperature Influence 0-50°C)
Datalogger: 99 (manually), 10000 (cycle), adjustable cycle time
Pressure Units: mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, PSI, mmHg
Special Features: SeaLevel-correctionAuto-Off, BAT, Min-/Max-Wert, Hold,
Tara, Scale, Offset, Mains Adaptor Socket, Serial Interface
1 Pressure Connection Ports Ø4mm, Piezoresistive Sensor
Included in Delivery: 1 Pressure Device with Internal Sensor, 1 Manual, 1 Battery
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