Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers - sometimes known as pressure transmitters - are devices that convert pressure into an analogue electrical signal in order to provide a measurement. They can be used for control and monitoring in a huge range of applications and may also be involved in the measurement of other variables, such as the flow of a fluid or gas, as well as speed, altitude or water level.

There are many different types of transducers to choose from and the right product will depend on the specific requirements of your project. One of the most common types is the strain-gauge pressure transducer. It comprises a strain gauge that is attached to a diaphragm and wired to a wheatstone bridge. When pressure is applied to the transducer, the diaphragm deflects and puts strain on the gauges. The strain produces an electrical signal that is proportional to the pressure being applied. Other types include absolute, vacuum and compound models.

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Features to consider

When purchasing pressure transducers, there's a lot to think about to ensure that the product you get is right for the application in question. For instance, you'll want to consider the type of pressure transmitter required and the type of conditions it will be exposed to.

Most transducers are encased in a stainless steel housing, which provides corrosion resistance and robust protection.

Electrical output
There are three main types of electrical output that can be provided by a pressure transducer. These are: millivolt, volt and 4-20mA.

Ingress protection
The level of ingress protection will vary depending on your needs, but products are available with both IP67 and IP69 ratings.

A very important consideration, accuracy typically range from +/- 0.25-1.0 per cent.

Over pressure
Since pressure can vary, it's a good idea to get a transducer that can deal with a degree of overpressure. A rating of 1.5x is common, but some pressure transducers are available with up to 4x or 10x overpressure capabilities.

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