External ballasts for float switches

External ballasts for float switches
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  • Fixes the rotation point of the float switch.
  • Allow the float switch to adapt to eventual liquid turbulences.
  • They allow the float switch to work in a wide range of densities.
  • Easily adjustable on the cable
  • External ballasts ensure a very accurate level measurement

Brand:  ATMI

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The role of the adjustable ballasts is to define the pivot point of the float level switch. They are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of floats when the cable is hanging freely without any fixation. A ballast is particularly needed when the float is equipped with more than 1 meter of cable.

This is most likely the case of the BIP STOP- AT and TUBA range of float level switches. This is the reason why for these models, the ballasts are proposed in option.  On the other hand, all float level switches of the SOBA range (including the EP models ACS certified) are systematically equipped of an appropriate ballast.

The ballasts can be adjusted closer or farther to the float switch depending on the liquid agitation involved and if a very precise level measurement is required.

Watch out ! The use of collars or any other gadgets instead of ballasts can damage the electrical cable as well as the float level switch.
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