Float Switches: A Complete Guide

One thing that separates PVL from rival float switch suppliers is our in-house team of experienced engineers, who can point customers in the right direction when selecting a product.

With such an extensive range of devices within our portfolio, this expert help can be invaluable.

We provide float switches that have an array of different applications and can be used across a multitude of industries.

Selecting a product that suits your exact specifications is important, so don't hesitate to give our team a call.

Before you do so, it is worth taking a look at our collection to give you a better idea of what you need.
float switches for pump controlling

Float level switches for pump control
If it is float level switches for pump control you are looking for, you've certainly come to the right place.

Designed for use with low and high-powered pumps, our products follow a simple concept and deliver highly accurate results.

The microswitch inside the level switch tilts when the water level within a pumping station rises. If there is no liquid, the switch will continue to dangle vertically.

They open or close the pump's power supply (either directly or through a relay) and this ensures the pumping stations do not overflow.

Our float switches have diverse specifications, so finding a product that suits your business is easy.

Here are some products that stand out in particular:

AT120 Float Level Switch

The AT120 Float Level Switch Manufactured by ATMI, the AT 120 Float Level Switch has a 120º working differential angle and is omnidirectional.

This eliminates jerks on the pump motors, making it suitable for various rough and loaded liquids. It comes with a high-resistance neoprene cable and can handle temperatures up to 85ºC.

The AT120 HR HY Heavy Duty Float Level Switch
AT120 HR Heavy duty float level switch for aggressive liquids If you require a device that is capable of working with more aggressive liquids, the AT120 HR HY Heavy Duty Float Level Switch is a good option.

It has a maximum working temperature of 90ºC and can withstand pressures of up to four bar.

The product has an IP 68 protection index and is ideal for controlling the level of oils, acids and bases.

SOBA Ex 10-08 Float Level Regulator

SOBA ATEX float level regulator for explosive atmospheres For the ultimate in hard-wearing and durable float level products for pump control, ATMI's ATEX-certified SOBA Ex 10-08 Float Level Regulator is at the top of the tree.

Designed for use in explosive gas areas, the device is suitable for keeping solvents, hydrocarbons, chemicals, alcohols and pharmaceutical products in check.

It has gold-plated reverser contacts and can withstand four bar of pressure.

Float Switches For Narrow Access Tanks
View the TUBA float level switch here PVL also supplies float switches for narrow access tanks, which are ideal for companies that require a device that can be used in hard to reach areas.

The Tuba 1" Float Level Detector is suitable for use with liquids in tanks, cisterns and reservoirs. It can also provide automatic pump regulation and alarm level detection.

This product also has a maximum temperature threshold of 85ºC & comes with varying cable lengths.

It has silver/nickel contacts and the float weighs just 60 grams (without the cable).

There is also a one and one-quarter inch version of the switch, which is shorter and wider than the one-inch product.
Level regulators

Level Regulators

Level regulators are omnidirectional float level switches that operate by tilting as the water rises or decreases.

These can be used for level control of multiple pumps (Speak to our engineers about the best ways to achieve this).

There are a number of products to choose from, some of which are outlined below:

AQUA MEDIUM Level Regulator

The AQUA Mediumlevel regulator

A robust level regulator with internal ballast, the AQUA MEDIUM Level Regulator is commonly used in waste water pumping stations and is particularly effective when deployed in limited spaces.

It is also used for diverse industrial and construction applications.

The device has a ten-degree switching angle and comes with a high-quality PVC cable.

SOBA EP Level Regulator
soba ep level regulator device

An ACS-certified product, the SOBA EP Level Regulator is constructed with special components that enable it to be used in drinking water applications.

It has a 25-degree switching angle and has a stainless steel ballast.

The product has a maximum temperature threshold of 85 degrees Celsius and has an IP68 protection index.

SOBA SMALL Level Regulator

soba small level regulator

The SOBA Small Level Regulator is equipped with an external adjustable resin ballast and provides precise measurements.

It is just 130 mm in height and 70 mm wide, which makes it ideal for customers who require something a little more compact.

Bulk solid flaot switches
Float switches for bulk solids

Float switches for bulk solids are very popular among farmers and factory owners, who require a simple, easy-to-use device that can monitor the level of materials in their containers and silos.

These switches work on the same principles as the liquid-based devices, but are instead used with substances such as grain, animal food, powders and building materials like stones, sawdust and pellets.

Here are some of the bulk solid float switches from our collection:

SOLIBA 10-08 Level Detector For Solids

Designed for use in cereal, grain, granular and pulverulent silos, the SOLIBA 10-08 Level Detector For Solids enables companies to stop the filling of containers.

It has a maximum temperature of 85 degrees Celsius and different cable lengths are available on request.

SOLIBA-P Level Detector for solids
Soliba P level detector for solids

With silver/nickel contacts, the SOLIBA-P Level Detector for solids is a heavy duty product that can operate in the most volatile atmospheres.

It is ATEX-certified and can deliver accurate results in explosive and very dusty environments, which explains why it is so popular among manufacturers.

The product has a ten-degree switching angle and the float weighs 495 grams without the cable.

To learn more about our float & tilt level control devices for powdery & bulk solids please click here...
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