Flow Indicators: A Complete Portfolio

PVL has an extensive range of flow indicators that can be used for numerous applications.

As always, our experienced engineers will be on hand to offer expert guidance on which products to select.

We understand that customers want to receive the best value for money and with so many devices to choose from, it is important that you select a product that matches your exact specifications.

Before you contact our team, it's a good idea to familirise yourself with our flow indicators, as this will give you a better understanding of what you need.

Here's a handy guide to our products.

Sight Glasses

PVL has a number of sight glasses for customers to choose from.

Take the OD Flow Sight Glass With Scale for example. This product can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius and pressures of up to ten bar. With a brass housing, it goes without saying that this device has been built to last.

Alternatively, you might opt for the OW Flow Sight Glass, which can be easily fitted to existing pipework. It has a large glass area, making the readings easily viewable from any direction, and the product doesn't have any internal moving parts. This indicator is commonly used for heavily soiled or coloured fluids and can handle temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, as well as six bar of pressure.

Finally, there is the WO1 Flow Indicator With 360-Degree Visibility.

This product is also used for contaminated liquids and features a tube-shaped sight glass. Manufactured by the GHM Group, it has internal wipers, which means the glass is cleaned without the need to remove it. As the name suggests, the WO1 enables users to view readings from all angles.

Flap Indicators

If it is flap indicators you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

The FK Flap Type Flow Indicator is manufactured by the GHM Group and it is ideal for customers who require a device that has a high temperature threshold.

Provided with a double-sided, large-surface window & easy-to-follow visualisation of the flow rate.

Used with fluid media, the product has a stainless steel flap and contains natural glass.

Alternatively, you could choose the RM Flow Indicator with yellow paddle, which comes in a dome shape and is also designed to handle extreme heat. It offers good rotor sight and is used for quantitative flow indication. This device is made from bronze, brass or stainless steel and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations.

Ball/ Spinner Indicators

PVL has a wide range of flow indicators that feature a ball or spinner, which is a unique and easy way for customers to gauge the flow of their substances.

The BL Flow Indicator With Floating Ball is a popular device and it is easy to see why. It is manufactured by the GHM Group and, as the name suggests, features a ball that rises into the glass dome in order to denote the flow rate. With a stainless steel body & suitable for liquids & gases.

Perhaps you would prefer a flow indicator that is made from plastic?

If so, the PO All Plastic Flow Indicator is a good option. It is used with liquids and has twin rotors for quantitative flow indication. Its low-friction design also provides users with low start-up benefits and the device can be installed in any position.

The WR1G Pelton Wheel Type Flow Indicator For Gases, meanwhile, is ideal for companies that require a device that provides a 360-degree view of the rotor.

It is an adaptable device that can handle temperatures up to 100ºC and 16 bar of pressure.

Indicators For Oil

PVL's expert engineers are often asked about the best products to use with oil.

We have a vast selection of flow indicators for oil applications and you need to make sure you've selected the device that matches your specifications the best.

The M1J Flow Indicator is a cost-effective option. It does not require an electrical supply and provides users with an individually-calibrated display range.

It is compact and offers PN200 pressure resistance. The indicator also withstands temperatures up to 120ºC and is made from brass or stainless steel.

Another product that doesn't require an electricity supply is the H1VO1 Flow Indicator, which is suitable for waters and oils. A version that handles aggressive media is also available on request. This viscosity-stabilised device has a female thread and is very durable. The display unit cannot be soiled by the medium.

Meanwhile, the VO Flow Indicator/Switch is another GHM Group product that can be used with liquids and gases. This mechanical product offers good repeatability and has an optional switch head.

Indicator Displays

To give you a good idea of the breadth of PVL's range of flow indicators, we have grouped our indicator displays together. It is worth looking through these to see the vast differences between some of our products before making a final decision.

Perhaps you will select the TZ1...GK Type Flowmeter, which is dirt resistant, offers good repeatability and is easy to adjust.

It is one of our most striking indicators and features a large, clock-style visual display. The product is used for local monitoring and is predominantly used with water.

The MP Flow Indicator With 360-Degree Viewing comes with a bronze body and brass wetted parts, so it is certainly built to last.

Depending on the size, the device can handle 100 bar of pressure and is ideal for applications that involve dark or dirty media. It has a rotatable scale, which makes it easy to read.

Another item that is ideally suited to dark and dirty liquids is the NO Type Flow Indicator. This product - yet another that is manufactured by the GHM Group - has a rotatable scale and an optional switching contact. The mechanical flow indicator is robust and provides pressure resistance of PN50.

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