Flow Meters

Selecting the correct flow meter product:

PVL supplies a multitude of flow meters that can be used in various situations.
It is important that you select a device that suits your business the best and our team of expert engineers can help you
make the right choice. We offer:

Piston Valve

Piston Inline

Variable Area


Dynamic Flap


Positive Displacement



UK-20 variable area flow meter There are also plenty of general purpose flow meters for customers to choose from.
The UK-020 Variable Area Flow Meter - which is manufactured by the GHM Group - is an inexpensive
option that is suitable for liquids and gases.

Consisting of a simple measurement tube, this product provides accurate readings without
over-complicating things.

If you are looking for something more advanced, the OMNI-HD1K/ HD2K Piston Type Flow Meter is a
good option.
Also manufactured by the GHM Group, the meter offers fast response times and is designed for
industrial applications.
OMNI HD1K piston type flow meter

TZ1 GK flowmeter Even further up the scale is the TZ1...GK Type Flow meter - yet another GHM Group product.
With good repeatability, easy adjustment, low pressure loss and insensitivity to dirt, this flow meter is
predominantly used for water applications, although customers can request a version that works with
gases, oils and aggressive media.
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