A Complete Guide To PVL's Flow Switches

PVL supplies a comprehensive selection of switches that can be used to monitor the flow of various media.

With so much to choose from, it is a good idea to speak to one of our expert engineers, who will listen to your
specifications before advising you on which devices are most likely to meet your criteria.

Here is a guide to the types of flow switches we provide.

Paddle Flow Switches
View our full paddle type flow switch range

We have a large collection of paddle flow switches, all of which are made from robust materials.

Take the UR1-G Paddle Type Flow Switch for example.

Made by Honsberg - which is part of the GHM Group - this device functions via the principle of a
spring-supported paddle and the magnetic triggering of a reed switch.

The compact design ensures low pressure loss and it is predominantly used to monitor the flow of water, although
versions that work well with oils, gases and aggressive media are available on request.

This product typifies the durability of the paddle flow switches supplied by PVL, as it is made from brass or stainless
steel. It also comes with an ATEX option, which means the device can operate in explosive environments.

Piston Flow Switches
Piston type flow switches

PVL's piston flow switches come in many shapes and sizes and there are significant variations in
terms of price.

At the lower end of the price scale, you will find the 615 & 622 DIY Flow Switch, which costs just
£40.80 (excluding VAT). Supplied complete with compression fittings, this device is WRAS-approved
and is ideal for domestic applications such as showers and water pumps.

If you require something more advanced, you might opt for the TZ1...GK Type Flowmeter, which is dirt resistant, offers
good repeatability and is easy to adjust.

This product is at the other end of the price spectrum and costs £780.03 (excluding VAT).

For this, you are getting a highly accurate, magnet-operated flow meter with a large analog display. It is mainly used
to monitor the flow of water, but customers can request a version that is used with oils and more aggressive media.

Flow Switches For Oil
Flow switches for oil applications Many of PVL's flow switches can be used with oil.

Spillages can not only cause environmental damage, but they can also lead to fines and potentially
costly downtime. This is why devices that can monitor the flow of oil are so valuable.

The GHM Group's FW4V Flow Switch has a compact design and is viscosity stabilised.

With bidirectional flow switching, this product has a temperature range of -20ºC to 90ºC, which makes it ideal for
companies that require an adaptable and resilient device.

Alternatively, you could opt for the HD1K/ HD2K Piston Type Flow Switch, which is also made by the GHM Group.

Costing £172.24, the device has high switching power and can withstand temperatures up to 120ºC. As well as oil, it
works with water and customers can also request a version that can handle aggressive media and gases.

Most importantly, this product comes with an ATEX option.

If you require a switch that delivers accurate results in explosive environments, you can pay an extra £140 for an
ATEX-certified model.

Variable Area Flow Switches
View our variable area flow switches here

Variable area flow switches have numerous applications and are commonly used in biogas plants,
welding equipment and flow display of spindles.

They provide good repeatability, are highly accurate and can be used with liquids and gases.

The UK-020 Variable Area Flow Meter is calibrated for use with carbon dioxide, argon and helium.

It features a conical measuring tube, making it easy for users to garner accurate readouts. Made from brass or
stainless steel, this device has been built to last and will provide customers with great longevity.

The GK-010 Meter With Optional Output is another alternative.

It can handle pressures up to 16 bar and features PVC or cast iron connections. Again, this underlines the durability
of these variable area flow switches.

The GK-010 Meter has a large, easily visible scale and a set point indicator.

High Temperature Flow Switches
View our range of high temperature flow switches here

There is growing demand for devices that can cope with extreme heat and PVL's high temperature
flow switches
are proving particularly popular at the moment.

One product that stands out is the TX Flow Indicator with Switch.

Suitable for use in temperatures up to 350ºC & can withstand up to 40 bar system pressure.

It is insensitive to dirt and is highly reproducible. The product is best used with water, but customers can ask for a
version that monitors the flow of oil too.

If you do not need a device that has such a high temperature threshold, then the MR Flow Switch is perhaps a more
suitable option.

With a compact design and high switching power, this mechanical flow switch has a temperature range between
-20ºC and 120ºC.

It can be used with water, gases, oil and aggressive media and has a female thread.

High Pressure Flow Switches
High pressure flow switch range

In many cases, customers require high pressure flow switches.

The FW1-GM Flow Switch is a good option, as not only does it boast pressure resistance of PN 100
(PN 800 available on request), it has been designed to be as economical as possible.

With companies looking to make financial savings, this is an important consideration.

The device is also insensitive to dirt and has a temperature range between -20ºC and 90ºC.

You will find the RVM008 Piston Type Flow Switch For Low Flow Rates is also adept at providing accurate flow readings
in high pressure environments.

With 300 maximum system pressure, this product is ideal for monitoring small flows.

It has a temperature range between -20ºC and 100ºC, although customers can request a version that stretches this
out to 160ºC.

Made from stainless steel or brass, this is yet another item within PVL's extensive range that was built to last.

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