OMNI - HR1MV Piston Type Flow Meter For Viscous Liquids

OMNI - HR1MV Piston Type Flow Meter For Viscous Liquids
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Download a datasheet for the Omni-HR1MV Flow Meter here..Download a datasheet for the OMNI - HR1MV Piston Type Flow Meter For Viscous Liquids

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OMNI - HR1MV Piston Type Flow Meter For Viscous Liquids:

The electronics can be used on the spot to set switching values where process values are exceeded or fallen short of. This setting can be carried out via the display even without a process. The present values or error messages from the measuring point are visible at any time, and all major parameters can be accessed on the spot. The analog current signal can be evaluated from large distances, and the present values can be made available there. If desired, the meter can be configured at the factory with your parameters. It is therefore ready for immediate use, without programming. If you wish to change parameters, you can set the device directly at the meter, by means of the programming ring.

The HR1MV Flow Meter for vicous liquidsThe entire family of OMNI sensors is made up in a modular way, by means of a building-block system (hardware and software) . A 16-bit microcontroller with a 14-bit A/D converter and a 12-bit D/A converter ensure the necessary processing speed and accuracy. The signal is displayed with the unit of measure on the meter by a backlit LCD graphical display, and is converted into a 0/4..20 mA signal. Two switching values with a choice of PNP or NPN output can be programmed across the whole range. The hystereses of the switching values can be set separately in value and direction (min., max. switching value).

Exceeding or falling short of switching values, and error messages, are indicated by a flashing red LED visible from a long distance, together with a message in the display. Further parameters can be modified by means of a code:

Signal filter, selectable unit (l/min, m 3 /h ...) incl. automatic conversion of the values, selectable output 0..20 mA, 4.0.20mA, 0..10 V or 2..10 V, value assignment of 0/4..20 mA or 0/2..10 V(setting of zero point and range).

For commissioning, the meter supports a simulation mode for the analog output. It is possible to create a programmable mA value at the output (without modifying the process variable). The range is 0..20 mA. This enables the commissioner to test the run between the meter and the downstream electronics. The complete housing can be rotated around the mechanical connection, and so after sealing, the correct position for reading can be set. Operation is through dialog with the display messages.

Download a datasheet for the Omni-HR1MV Flow Meter here..View a datasheet for the piston flow meter for viscous liquids here
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