GFTB 100 Precision Hygro- / Thermo- / Barometer

GFTB 100 Precision Hygro- / Thermo- / Barometer
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Precision Digital Hygro/ Thermo/ Barometer

  • Relative humidity, temperature and air pressure in just one instrument
  • Additional derived units: dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, moisture content and absolute humidity
  • min-/max-value memory for all measurements
  • High accuracy by means of digital works calibration
  • Offset and slope correction for easy adjustment
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • Optional with serial interface

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Brand:  Greisinger

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Precision - Hygrometer / Barometer / Thermometer

Application: Quick-response measurement of air pressure, atmospheric humidity, temperature and further derived units in EDP rooms, museums, churches, administrative and residential buildings, storage rooms, green houses, pools, production rooms, for cooling technology and air conditioning as well as for building engineers and for the evaluation of damage to buildings etc. Due to highly accurate sensors this device has notably higher precision than comparable devices. Via the additional displaying possibilities (‘dew point temperature Td’, ‘wet bulb temperature Twb’, ’absolute humidity [g/m³]’ and ’moisture content of the air [g/kg]’) the current state of the air is precisely and concretely shown. Due to the low power consumption, the device can be run permanently, for example as “weather station”.

Measuring Ranges:
Humidity:                   0,0 ... 100,0 %r.F. (recommended range: 11...90 %r.F.)
Atm. Pressure:       10,0 ... 1100,0 mbar
Temperature:         -25,0 ... +70,0 °C
Dew Point Temperature Td:       -40,0 ... 70,0 °C
Wet Bulb Temperature Twb:       -27,0 ... 70,0 °C
Moisture Content x:       0,0 ... 280,0 g/kg
Absolute Humidity d:      0,0 ... 200,0 g/m³

Humidity:              ± 1,5% linearity ±1,5% hysteresis (11...90%r.F.)
Atm. Pressure:   ± 1,5mbar (750...1100mbar)
Temperature:      ± 0,5% of reading ± 0,1 °C (Pt1000 1/3DIN)

Response Time:   T90=10sec.
Display:                   approx.11mm high, 4 1/2 digit LCD
Power Supply:        9V-Block, Type IEC 6F22 (in scope of supply)
Power Consumption:   approx. 75µA at 1 meas./sec., approx. 30µA at 1 meas./60sec.
Dimensions:                   approx. 106 x 67 x 30 mmm (H x B x T) without sensor head

Special Features:  Auto-Off, Min-/Max Value Storage, Holdfunction, Sea Level Correction,
                                  Tendency Display, Offset / Scale adjustable

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