AL40 Laser Level & Distance Sensor

AL40 Laser Level & Distance Sensor
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  • 40 Metre Range
  • Less Than 1% Beam Angle
  • 0.1m - 40m range
  • 0.01m Resolution
  • Virtually No Dead Zone
  • 4-20mA Output
  • 2 x Programmable Relays
  • Robust Aluminium Housing
AL40 Laser Level Transmitter Specifications
Download a datasheet on the Al-40

Brand:  Allpronix


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Continous Laser Level and Distance Transmitter

The Al40 is a non-contact level and distance measuring instrument, designed for granular materials and opaque liquids. The narrow beam characteristics of a laser allow direct aiming to a target surface, without interferences from structures or falling material.The unit can measure from as little as a few meters in a con ned space, to as much as 40 metres to the bottom of a silo. Along with the visible laser pointer, and easy setup via the membrane keypad and LCD display, the Al40 makes for a plug and play solution for most level and distance measurement applications.

Laser functions

The Al40 uses a high speed laser pulse to measure distance. Laser light is emitted towards the surface, and the re ection is detected by a sensitive optical receiver. The time is takes for the light to travel to the surface and back, is directly proportional to the distance. The unique performance and characteristics of a laser, allow it to be used for short and long rage distances. It can be used in many applications. If you can see the target surface clearly, then the Al40 can measure the level. A optional dust tube is recommended to dusty applications, which helps in keeping the lens dust free for longer.The Al40 is Proudly South African, and the rst laser of its kind to have an onboard LCD display and programming keypad, eliminating the need for a laptop on site.

Download a datasheet on the AL40 Laser Transmitter HereDownload a datasheet on the Al-40
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