Soundsonic Leak Detector

Soundsonic Leak Detector
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SoundSonic, for finding compressed air and refrigerant leaks

Brand:  PVL

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The SoundSonic Leak Detector is ideal for finding compressed air and other gas leaks.

The SoundSonic is a unique diagnostic tool using non-intrusive ultrasound to inspect & help isolate difficult to find non-audible to the human ear sounds. These are sounds at frequencies you can’t normally hear but  the SoundSonic is so sensitive it can even here the 'blink of an eye' !

Why is this useful? By detecting these troublesome noises earlier it helps with preventative maintenance & troubleshooting in all sorts of areas reducing downtime and costs to repair

To employ the ultrasound methodology in a usable manner, it is imperative the listener be able to have access to an audible sound that bears a resemblance to the natural sound of the defect. That is to say, a mechanical bearing with a defective ball should sound like such. Likewise, a microscopic leak in a compressed air system should sound like a gas leak.

The kit consists of the SoundSonic  receiver, headphones, one aluminium contact probe, & one aluminium air/acoustic probe, user manual & stored in a sturdy plastic case.

The SoundSonic kit comes with a FREE! Ultrasonic Sound Transmitter which is ideal for checking seals around enclosures which cannot be pressurised.

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