Level indicators

Level indicators are used to measure the level of fluids and provide effective level control for a range of industries.

The devices offer accurate and nearly indestructible indication and represent a much safer alternative to cloudy, breakable sight
glasses. Reliable, low maintenance and redundant measurements are essential if companies want to be able to run efficient
operations and this is where the indicators come in.

As well as providing a non-invasive solution, they can also reduce leak points and fugitive emissions and offer a truly cost-effective
solution. PVL stocks two types of level indicator.

Magnetic Level Indicators
Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic level indicators offer a system that is totally isolated within a sealed piping column and this
eliminates the possibility of leaking seals, clouded glasses and broken glass tubing. They can be easily
cleaned and are adaptable to suit a number of different mounting styles. Moreover, these indicators
offer a low cost solution for measuring highly corrosive or unstable surface media.

In terms of how they work, an indicator is magnetically coupled to the float and it moves up and down with the liquid level. This
means the operator can read the level from more than 100 feet away, which builds in another layer of safety. The indicator is also the
only part of the structure that moves and so the gauge is not affected by shocks, vibrations or high temperatures.

Mechanical Level Indicators
Machanical Level Indicators

These indicators are ideal for continuous level measurement in tanks containing oil, diesel fuel, biodiesel,
water and many other liquids. They are also suitable in flood hazard areas. They work on the principle of the
opening or closing of a mechanical switch, either through direct contact with the switch, or magnetic
operation of a reed. This switching process occurs as a result of the movement of a float against a micro
switch. The selection of the stem and float will be influenced by chemical compatibility, temperature, specific
gravity, buoyancy and viscosity.

What are the Benefits

NBS Level Indicator

Level indicators offer a number of benefits, including high visibility, as indicators can be read from great
distances. They are also very durable, coming in stainless steel, PVC, CPVC and other exotic housings.

The devices are environmentally safe as the monitored liquid is contained inside a pressure-tight housing,
while they are also extremely efficient thanks to the fact they offer continuous level indication without
external power. By attaching optional level switches and/or continuous level transmitters, their capabilities
can be greatly extended beyond those of a simple sight glass.

Level Indicator Safety

Fuel Level Indicator

High quality control during the installation process is essential if long-term, satisfactory performance is to be
achieved. If the quality of the installation process is compromised at all, the sight gauge's accuracy and life may
be degraded. Virtually all level and interface applications can be measured with the addition of other devices,
such as magnetostrictive level transmitter and a guided wave radar, which means there will be no project delays
and engineers can be confident of their safety.

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