Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic Level Indicators come in
different models, sizes and
materials. Each level indicator has
its own application. It is very
important that we receive the right process specification to select the
right indicator.  We can supply in
Plastic, Titanium. Temperature
ranges from -100°C up to 450°C
and pressure/ vacuum to 200 bar.

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Pointers D/L/F & R Magnetic Level Gauges

Pointers D/L/F & R Magnetic Level Gauges

  • Standard unpressurised float system
  • Float without mechanical or magnetic guide rails
  • Fully corrosion resistant system
  • Measurement is unaffected by pressure, vacuum, temperature, foam and viscosity
  • Minimum sensitivity to density variations
  • Permanent indication without external power supply
  • Unique free view indication rail in plastic, Aluminium or full SS 316
  • Fully adjustable switches available
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free construction

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