GMH 3830 Digital Precision Humidity/Flow/Temperature Measuring Device

GMH 3830 Digital Precision Humidity/Flow/Temperature Measuring Device
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GMH 3830/GMH 3850 Humidity, Temperature And Flow Rate Measuring Device

MPA certified approved for glued timber construction acc. to DIN 1052-1

  • 466 wood characteristic curves
  • 28 building material characteristic curves
  • Moisture estimation
  • Display of moisture content u or wet-basis moisture content w
  • External temperature probes connectable
  • Serial interface or analog output 0-1V, freely adjustable
  • Future-proof via updates

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Brand:  Greisinger

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Digital precision humidity/flow/temperature measuring device

  • Double display of humidity and temperature
  • Compact probe for humidity and temperature measuring resp. flow rate measuring (probe exchange without re-calibration)
  • Calculation of dew point temperature, dew point distance and enthalpy
  • Additional NiCr-Ni-socket for surface measurement
  • Min-/Max value memory, Hold function
  • Serial interface, device can be connected to bus system (up to 5 devices can be connected to one PC interface)
  • Battery/d.c. operation

Measuring range (humidity): 0.0...100 %RH.
Measuring range (temperature): -40...120 °C
Measuring range (flow): depending on STS probe
Probe: no probe included, please order separately
Probe connection: NiCr-Ni flat-pin plug (type K)
Miscellaneous: serial interface, ready for bus operation, min./max. value memory, hold function, battery/mains powered calculation of dew point, dew point distance and enthalpy

Additional functions of the GMH3350:

  • 2 integrated logger functions
  • Optical and acoustic min-/max- alarm
  • Real-time clock with day, month and year

Measuring Ranges: 
Humidity:   0,0 ... 100,0 % r.h.
Ambient Temperature:   -40 ... +120 °C
Surface Temperature:   -80,0 ... +250,0 °C
Dew Point Temperature:   -40,0 ... +70,0 °C
Dew Point Distance:   -200,0 ... +290,0 °C
Enthalpy:   0 ... 250 kJ/kg
Flow Rate:   depending on STS probe
Accuracy (only device):
Rel. Humidity:    ± 0,1%
Ambient Temperature (Pt1000):   ± 0,2%
Surface Temperature (NiCr-Ni):   ± 0,5% of reading ± 0,5 °C
Flow Rate:   ± 0,1%

Measured Data Storage:  99 (manual), 5400 (cyclic) Cycle Time:   1sec. ... 1h
Alarm:   visual and acustical via integrated buzzer
Miscellaneous:       Serial Interface, Ready for Bus Operation, Min./Max. Value Memory, Hold Function, Real-Time Clock, Battery-/Mains operation
Suitable Probes:   TFS 0100 E, STS 005, STS 020, all temperature probes type K with plug ( no probe included, please order separately )

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