GMR 100 Resistive Material Moisture Measuring Device

GMR 100 Resistive Material Moisture Measuring Device
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The "little brother" Resistive Material Moisture Measuring Device With Integrated Measuring Pins

  • Small, compact measuring instrument for easy measurement of cut wood, chip, veneer, fi re wood, wood briquettes, plaster, gypsum, ....
  • Integrated, exchangeable measuring needles
  • 4 popular wood groups A, B, C, D, construction materials E, plaster P
  • Direct display of moisture content u or wet basis water content w

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Brand:  Greisinger

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The "little brother" Resistive material-moisture measuring devicewith integrated measuring pins

 Low-priced wood / building materials moisture meter with an impact resistant ABS-housing and the frontside IP65-protection. By the means of the integrated needles many kinds of measurings can be done without additional accessories within seconds.

 Suitable for measuring of:
  • cut wood, chip board, veneer, firewood, wood briquettes
  • plaster, gypsum

Technical Specifications:

Measuring Principle: Resistive moisture-measuring according to DIN EN 13183
Characteristic Curves:
  • 4 different wood groups (A, B, C, D)
  • 1 universal construction material group E (tables)
  • 1 construction material group P (Plaster)
Indication: in 6 steps from WET to DRY

0,0 ... 19,9%: 0.1% moisture content
20...100%:        1% moisture content

Accuracy: ±0,2% moisture content (deviation from groups characteristic curve)
Display: 4½-digit LCD-dispay with additional segments for simultaneous 
display of moisture, wood group and wet/dry evaluation.
Pushbuttons: 3 membrane keys
Power Consumption: 1,8mA
Nominal Temperature: 25°C
Ambient Temperature: -25...+50°C (-13...122°F)
Relative Humidity: 0...95%r.F. (non condensing)
Housing: impact resistant ABS, membrane keypboard, transparent panel, 
front side IP65
Dimensions: 110 x 67 x 30mm (L x B x D) + Needles 26mm
Weight:  155 g
Highlights: Hold- / Auto-Hold Function (automatic acquisition on key press),
configurable auto-power-off function
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