Press Release - New Owner for Honsberg Increases PVL Product Range

Wednesday, 29 April 2009  |  Admin

New owner for Honsberg results in increased product range for PVL.

The recent acquisition of Honsberg Instruments, the German manufacturer of flow switches & flow-meters, by an investment company has resulted in a dramatically increased product range due to other companies within the group. GHM-Messtechnik GmbH now comprises Greisinger, Honsberg and Martens and PVL is pleased to announce that they have secured the UK Distributorship for all of their products.

Greisinger Electronic, founded in 1980, is a manufacturer of precision handheld instruments for industrial use for the measurement and logging of temperature, humidity, moisture, pressure, conductivity, flow and sound. They also manufacture specialised instruments for monitoring oxygen in water and air, carbon monoxide, pH and Redox. You can view their on-line Catalogue here

Martens Elektronik, founded in 1988 , are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of process instruments for flow, level, conductivity and turbidity and also supply a large range of panel meters, galvanic safety barriers as well as switching and monitoring relays. You can view their on-line Catalogue here

PVL (Pressure Vacuum Level) who have been a UK Distributor for Honsberg for more than fifteen years, are now in the process of adding these new products to their existing website at but due to the increased volume, engineers are invited to view the Greisinger and Martens on-line catalogues and then contact the PVL sales team for more information.

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