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Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2019

View our Christmas Card from Us to You this Year......

Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2018

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Fuel & Hydrocarbons Leak Detection Wireless System

Avoid Fines and Big Cleanup Costs
24/7 Monitoring of Groundwater of any Facility

Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2017

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TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth HVAC Installation 

See the TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer HVAC Installation...

TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Transducer

A truly original, market leading creation, The TDWLB series is the first pressure transducer in the world to feature wireless Bluetooth technology.

ATMI Float switch level regulators..

Simple, reliable, and economic level control of bulk solids. See how...
PVL Pressure Switches

Lamborghinis, luxury yachts, nuclear
submarines... Our pressure switches are
used everywhere. This video shows some
of the most exciting applications.
PVL's ATEX certified range

A video guide to the lastest ATEX directives

Level Sensors

Our highest-spec level sensors are our
magnetorestricive & potentiometric models. This video shows where they're used.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

See how our ultrasonic level sensors are
used in the level measurement of
challenging liquids.

PVL flow switches in the Antarctic.

Our flow switches were used in an
innovative application in the testing
conditions of the Antarctic. See how here...

Multipulse Positive Displacement..

The Trimec MP series flow meter has long been established as a simple but reliable metering device. Watch for more.
Water-in-oil level sensor...

Water or moisture is the second largest
contamination in oil systems. Our new WIO sensor helps cure this problem.
i-Celsius digital thermometer

An introductory video to our innovative
digital thermometers for iPhones or iPads.

Christmas flexible flow switches...

Watch more of Steve's adventures here,
where a flexible flow switch fixes a
Christmas pudding problem!
The PVL shed

PVL does not encourage irresponsible
drinking, watch the adventures of Steve..
The TD1000 Production Process

A video showing the manufacturing
process of our TD1000 Pressure
Transducer, from Transducers Direct

Adjusting the Flow Products

A brief video showing the simplicity of
adjusting one of our flow meters.
Orion ATEX Pressure Switches

Information on the manufacture and
certification of our flameproof pressure
The LCC1 Level Sensor

Designed for oil level detection in
crankcases, this video gives a brief insight
into our latest level sensor.

Omni Flow Meter for Low Flows

The fantastic OMNI flow meter, which can measure low flows of up to 0.001 l/min. A short video showing the working principle.
Adjusting the OMNI

Here is a short video of someone adjusting
the OMNI Integrated transducer design
system with their gloves on!
The TD1000 Pressure Transducer!

A video explaining the different features of
the new innovative TD1000 pressure
transducer from 'Transducers Direct'.

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