Radar Level Sensors

The function principle of the impulse radar (microwave) level meter is TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry). The electronics transmits very short electrical pulses (0.5 ns), which are linked to a one-wire transmission line (measuring electrode). Measuring electrode can be created of rod or rope. The pulse propagates along the electrode in the form of electromagnetic wave toward the level surface, where it is partly reflected and the reflected component is returned to the receiving module of the electronics. The electronics measures the time of flight of electromagnetic wave and appropriately sets the value of the output signal.

The method is resistant against changes in the atmosphere (pressure, temperature, dust, steam) and to changes in medium parameters (change in dielectric constant, conductivity).
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GRLM-70 Radar Level Sensor

GRLM-70 Radar Level Sensor

  • Radar level meter with guided wave
  • Universal use, direct mounting into containers, silos, vessels, reservoirs, etc.
  • Quick view measured values on the display
  • Level measurement of aggressive liquids
  • Linear measurement in non-conductive and in differently shaped containers
  • Current output (4 ... 20 mA), HART protocol ®
Download a datasheet for the GRLM Radar Level Sensor here.. Download a datasheet for the

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