Temperature Sensors - A Complete Portfolio

PVL supplies a wide range of temperature sensors and our team of expert engineers can help you find the product that suits your business the best.

We have split our sensors into three different categories:
Temperature transducers
Temperature Transducers for various application Our temperature transducers can be used across a number of applications.

Honsberg - which is part of the GHM Group - produces an array of devices that vary in price.

The ETS Temperature Transmitter, for example, costs £245.08 (VAT free) and consists of a stainless steel thread and optional swan neck. It boasts a short response time and can handle pressures up to 25 bar. This device is mainly used with water, viscous media and gases.

Differential temperature transducers
Differential Pressure Transdcuers with high operating temperatures For simple, accurate recording of differential temperatures, look no further than the ETSD
Temperature Transducer with Swan-Neck.

With self-assembly connectors and a variable rotating plug connection, this product is cheap to
install and has an operating temperature between -25ºC and 105ºC.

Temperature transmitters
ATEX certified temperature transmitters PVL has a number of standard temperature transmitters for our customers to choose from and we also have an ATEX-certified product that can operate in explosive environments.

The PMT50-2/-3 Temperature Transmitter is made by Martens - which is part of the GHM Group - this programmable universal transmitter works with analog input signals.

It is highly accurate and has a maximum of four alarm outputs.
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