Temperature switches

Temperature switches contain a bimetal strip that bends when a certain temperature is reached, creating a simple on/off
control feature.

They offer an accurate and speedy form of monitoring temperature and are built with the long term in mind.

Compatible with a wide range of functions, including construction, boilers, hydraulic systems and various industrial
applications, they can be used for both thermal protection and process control.

We offer two different types of temperature switch.

Fixed Set Point Temperature Switches
ES-506 Bimetallic Thermostat temperature switch

The point at which the temperature switches does not change and is fixed. Ideal for environments where
there is a need to maintain the ideal pulp temperature in the product, such as a refrigerator.

Adjustable Set Point Temperature Switches
Adjustable Set point temperature switch

You can increase or decrease the differential temperature to account for rising and falling temperature,
which enables the device's operation to be tuned to the application. Best for when switches will be used
in varying conditions.


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