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Here at PVL we are always updating and adding to our product range, wheather it be a
new supplier or a new product from our current suppliers. You will find all of the latest additions
to the PVL range on this page, for any more information about what you see please do not
hesitate to call us on: 01892 664499.

Inductive/Magnetic Flow Meters from PVL! 

We are delighted to confirm PVL are the new UK distributor for one of Europe’s most prestigious manufacturers of inductive flow meters. The addition of Comac Cal s.r.o to our exclusive set of supplier partners allows us to add their industrial magnetic flow meters to our already extensive flow portfolio, including the Flow 33 and Flow 38 models. Approximately 23% of all flow meters sold are inductive / magnetic.


Dinel Level measurement devices/ ultrasonic / capacitive Hadro magnetic level indicators

For magnetic level indicators, you will be hard pressed to find a more
accomplished manufacturer than Hadro Techniek.

The Dutch firm specialises in producing level monitors that can be used in
high pressure boilers and other potentially hazardous environments. It
supplies products made from plastic or titanium that can work effectively in
temperatures ranging from -100ºC to 450ºC.

Magnetic level gauges work on the principle of communicating vessels - so
the level in the measuring chamber will match that in the vessel. The
chamber is fitted with a float that contains a magnet and this is used to
turn the flaps on the indicating rail. Each flap within the rail is also fitted
with a magnet & users can set the visual limits wherever they like.

Magnetic level meters are becoming increasingly popular, as they are very
reliable and require very little maintenance.

Dinel Level measurement devices/ ultrasonic / capacitive Dinel level measurement devices

We are now the UK distributor for Dinel, the most influential producer of
level measurement systems in the Czech Republic.

The company is renowned for its ultrasonic level meters in particular &
these are popular among farmers, transport businesses and the food and
packaging industry, among others.

Ultrasonic devices are good for continuous non-contact level measurement
and can be used to monitor most liquids and a multitude of bulk-solid
materials. Dinel produces a number of different level monitors, including the
Ultrasonic level meter ULM-53L, which is a low cost version of the ULM-53.
The device is simple to install and does not have any settings once
it has been fitted. It has a mechanical connection with thread or flange and
has maximum measuring range of 20 metres.

Alternatively, customers might need capacitive level meters, which can be
mounted straight into silos, containers, basins and reservoirs. These are
specifically made for use in explosive areas and - like the rest of Dinel's
range - are quick and easy to connect.

PVL is delighted to announce its appointment as the UK distributor for German sensor specialist Fafnir GmbH.

FAFNIR is known worldwide for the design and manufacture of high
precision level measurement devices for the petroleum, pharmaceutical,
chemical, off-shore, water treatment, and food industries.

Our portfolio now includes the Condurix potentiometric level sensor, the
conductive technology of which makes it an ideal solution for accurate level
measurement of sticky and viscous fluids. The magnetostrictive Torrix
is accurate up to 0.3mm, ideal for toxic liquids and interface layer
measurement, and can be retrofitted to existing systems.

The LS 300 Thermal limit switch is an indispensable component for
environmental protection.

PAJ WIO Water-in-oil Sensors

New from PVL is the WIO200 water-in-oil sensor, providing early warning of
high levels of water content that could damage the machine. Simple to
install and easy to connect, the WIO200 provides a measurement range of
0.01-1.00aw, with accuracy to ±0.03aw and resolution of better than
0.004aw. It provides a 4-20mA analogue output & two relay alarm outputs.

The sensor is calibrated for lubrication oil and performs continual oil
analysis rather than discrete samples. As well as providing advance
warnings of problems, it can also be used to ensure that separators, filters
and driers are only running when actually needed.

ATMI Level Detectors

Do you need to control the flow of solids into a silo for example? Does the
control mechanism need to be ATEX certified? We are delighted to
announce our agreement with ATMI to supply their range of tilt level
whose technology for bulk solids level measurement is the
simplest, most reliable, and most economical on the market.

ATMI’s products have been manufactured in France for more than 35 years;
we are also offering their innovative TUBA range of level detectors,
designed specifically for tanks and cisterns with restricted access.

Orion ATEX Instruments

Our new portfolio of ATEX certified pressure switchesare manufactured
in India by Orion Instruments, and range in pressure from 1.5mbar to

As well as ATEX, the new range of pressure switches is certified for
IECEx by BASEEFAand include hydraulic, PD (Pressure Difference), high
pressure and low pressure versions, all of which feature easily wired
terminal blocks, stainless steel wetted parts and options including
hermetically sealed micro-switches

Transducers direct pressure transducers

Transducers Direct - Transducers for various applications

PVL’s new exclusive range of pressure transducers from Cincinnati’s
Transducers Direct features their TD1000 series. Its digital
configurability is an industry first and not only features stability and
accuracy over a wide temperature range at a lower cost than
competitive units, but also means we can programme the transducers
for you “in house” guaranteeing overnight delivery if needed.

Valvulas Float Valves

We are also delighted to announce the addition of Barcelona-based
Valvulas CT to our list of suppliers. Valvulas’s portfolio of float valves,
ball valves, fill valves and level switcheshave been proven all over
Europe for the past 18 years and are now available in the UK, perfectly
complimenting our existing Balem float valve range.

The top quality full bore valves for water storage & flow control have a
wide variety of seals available and are designed to be particularly
effective in turbulent or agitated water containing pollutants

Kelco F20 Flow Switch

The F20 flow switch is a tough but highly sensitive paddle type flow
suitable for a wide range of flow control applications for both hot
and cold liquids. The electrical housing of the switch is a separate
assembly and locks onto the wet end of the switch. It can be easily
and safely removed for servicing without disturbing the electrical wiring.
This unique feature and the inclusion of a built-in manual override,
makes the F20 a very versatile flow switch.
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